Google flux Sneak Peek

by Website Buyer on May 2, 2012

I’ve been noticing a lot of flux when I connect via proxy to a few different google data centers.

This is pretty exciting since I haven’t witnessed anything exactly like this since around 2004 or so.  It was awesome to see monthly updates like Florida and Big Daddy.  When the update was taking place, you could hit refresh, then a random google data center would serve up the results.  You could see the changes happen for your serps in real time.  I’ve seen the same sort of thing happen at at least one of the google data centers in the past week or so.

Could this be a massive release of sites that were inadvertantly penalized by the original panda update ?  It really appears as if it may be.  I’m really hoping that this index goes live very soon.  If this index goes live, it will easily effect 33% of the search results.  Big directories like superpages and yellowpages seem to be dominating the local results (above the google local results).  Although I’ve seen a huge change in localized results, the changes seem to be across the board.

Certain “pandalized” sites are re-appearing with high rankings.  I think google is starting to dig a bit deeper into sites to find great content buried deeper into the navigation, and re-scoring.  Either way, the index seems to be a blend of pre-panda, and penguin.

I had some trouble doing these screen shots and have cropped them to capture as much as I could with microsoft paint (ya I’m not a graphic artist).  I have been watching this index since Thursday April 26th – Hoping it will go live very soon !

The index is off / on when you go to this proxy.  For some reason, it also only connects properly when you are in a google chrome browser.

Although I have litterally looked at hundreds of serps and seen the huge changes, I’ve documented some terms before and after :

Click on these images to enlarge..

Term:  How to fight a cold

Current index:

Flux  (Notice Panalized eHow ranking #2) :

Term: Internet marketing

Current Index:


Term: Kansas Graphic Designers

Current Index:

Flux (Here comes YellowPages and Manta) :

Term: SEO

Current Index:


Term: Sinus Infection Symptoms

Current Index:

Flux (Notice Panalized Buzzle back in) :

And finally .. My domain Website Buyer = Term : Website Buyer

Current Index:



Like I say, the index seems to be on and off for me, but when it is on, it sticks for long enough to do some great analysis.  Leave a comment if you can’t connect to this DC, and I’ll post some real screen shots with your serps before / after.


Beware of Negative SEO

by Website Buyer on May 1, 2012

My definition of negative SEO is to promote your competitors so much, that the google algorithm deems the promotional techniques to be overkill, and unnatural.  When Google senses these signals, the site in question is at risk for a serious ranking demotion in the SERPs.

This has been talked about for many years, and it really has never been a serious problem (until now).  The biggest misconception is that one of your competitors will invest time, energy and money to over-optimize your site so that google will devalue the trust of your site, and your rankings.

When this happens, google will send you a message to your webmaster tools account.  The message is like this :

Google Webmaster Tools notice of detected unnatural links to

Shortly after you get this message, you will get another one like this : Big traffic change for top URL

I’ve received two of these messages for sites that I purchased.  I never solicit links for my sites, since I only buy sites that have a solid foundation, and don’t require any backlinking.  Their popularity is without questions, legitimate.

At any rate, I can only assume that my competitors have sabotaged my site with negative SEO.  This is a dog-eat-dog type of business and google had pre-anounced the “over optimization” algorithm two or three months prior to the penguin update.

Here’s what google expects you to do :

  1. Find out where your shady backlinks are
  2. Have them removed
  3. Apply for a re-inclusion request

Okay ..  For one thing, I have never purchased links, I have never solicited links and I have never done reciprocal linking.   Where do I start ?

Google Webmaster Tools tells me which domains link to my site.  There are roughly 15,000 links.  Keep in mind, these sites (that are linking to me) are NOT MY SITES !  They link to me and I don’t have any access to have these links removed.  Even if I was to go through each of these, and obtain contact details for each of the site owners, the links in question are from spammy sites, and there is little chance I will even get through to the site owner, nevermind convince him to remove the link to my site.  This is an enormous task.

I’ll be the first to admit that negative SEO is probably not worth going after unless :

  1. You rank #3 for a very competitive term
  2. You want the #1 position since the traffic difference is HUGE
  3. You over optimize / gather tons of spammy links for the #1 and #2 competitors
  4. Wait for the google algo to kick in
  5. Voila #1

It is completely rediculous to do negative SEO for any other reason.  Rest assured, some smart and p-o’d SEOs are taking this on right now just to make a point, even if it is rediculous.

I am predicting that sites like facebook, amazon or ebay will be a target of negative SEO simply to prove that a competitor can harm you, if they invest the effort, time and money.


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